You Won’t Boost Your Self-Improvement if You Don’t Develop This Basic Practice

It’s not a sappy self-help cop-out, but rather a highly effective tool of high-performing people

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What Is Self Love? What Isn’t?

When I say “self love” I’m not talking about simply looking in a mirror and whispering affirmations to yourself. I’m not talking about being complacent.

Practical Self-Love

In practical terms, practicing self-love is about two things: being aware of how you talk to yourself and adjusting that self-talk to be more understanding and encouraging.

The Child Exercise: Flip Your Own Self-Talk Script

One of the most helpful exercises for cultivating self-love I was exposed to was pretty ingenious. You essentially flip your own self-talk script by forcing yourself to use it on someone who clearly shouldn’t hear it: a child version of yourself.

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