When All Else Fails, Be of Service

We all get stuck sometimes, but simple acts of service can both help us get unstuck and help keep us productive and growing

Photo by Suraphat Nuea-on from Pexels

Do A Little Something

Feeling tired, anxious, unable to focus, and pessimistic? Call up a coworker and ask how they’re doing, what they’re working on. If they mention something they’re having a hard time with, give them an idea, or offer to help if you can do it easily, or if it sounds like something you’d enjoy doing.

  • Go wash a few dishes now, so you won’t have to later on when you’re even more tired.
  • Put tomorrow’s workout clothes in your gym bag now, so you don’t have to remember later — and possibly miss your workout…again.
  • Make yourself a healthy lunch for tomorrow, right now.

Why This Works

Acts of service do 2 important things: they get you out of whatever rut you’re in and they make changes to your mindset toward value creation.

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