What about myth #5: There aren’t enough people trying to found a startup, so if you push your kid to do that, it’ll pay off and they won’t end up living with you at 26.

Myth# 6: Learning consists only of gathering data, not interfacing personally with people, coexisting with them, and pursuing social interests with a mix of diverse people that no city or town alone could ever amass.

Believing myth 6 is what leads many people to say “just take online courses — it’s as good as going to the school!”. I heartily challenge that notion. I am one of those people with a large amount of student loan debt — LARGE. I got a master’s IN PHILOSOPHY! I don’t work in the academic field. I don’t regret having gone to college, and every job I’ve pursued has either required a degree or paid more for it.

Perhaps there is another myth — Myth#7: coding will always be in high demand, and the market will never be saturated, so learn to code for fractions of the cost of college and save your money.
I think they used to say that about manufacturing jobs…

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