What a great article. Thank you for linking it.

A great line from it:

when I read those words, what I think is: BULLSHIT. To be a writer is to be petty. If you can’t admit that you’re sometimes petty, then you’re not a writer. You’re a robot. Or the pope. Nope, Pope Francis probably admits his pettiness. The Dalai Lama admits it. The only people who don’t admit to ever being petty are these Ferdinand the Bull types of writers, and Angelina Jolie.

Writers are petty because writers struggle to write, period. Even if you manage to be prolific and confident in your work for a few years at a time, it’s hard to sustain that. Something goes wrong. Big or small, it doesn’t matter. And then it’s hard to write. Something isn’t working. Something has crawled under your skin. Maybe you can’t figure out what’s bothering you. Or you just feel angry. Or you just feel empty. You have nothing to say. You are in the desert.

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