That’s awesome to hear! The more politically charged the position, the clearer you have to be (first with yourself, then with others) about what would make you reconsider you position. But part of that clarity will involve examining how difficult you are making it for people to make you reconsider. If you structure things such that people can only bring you certain kinds of evidence from certain kinds of sources, and the restrictions are too much, well — you get the point. You’ll end up an ideologically secure ivory tower that you built for yourself.

One note I’ll give that wasn’t discussed here: tone and non-verbal cues are important. So much of how a discussion goes is a function of how we carry ourselves, and how we make others feel (especially unintentionally). I don’t think I’ve seen things as tense as they are now as it pertains to political discussions, so “take care out there” is the best advice I can give.

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