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You pose a great question — one that I just kind of touch on in the piece. My answer to it would be this:

I think that like any human urge, ignoring the push for struggle, glory, and transcendence would be a fool’s errand. My suggestion is a notably unoriginal one: keep it moderated. The push for struggle and glory — for something over and above the normal goals for comfort and balance — should be tapped into intermittently, and used in order to achieve one’s goals.

That being said, I think we have to make sure that we formulate our goals in moments where we aren’t feeling swept up by passion and the need for glory and struggle. Goals need to be things that we formulate as the answer to a question like: what can I do that will get me closer to sustainable and balanced happiness?

That is a difficult question to answer, and one that is even more difficult to answer when we keep feeling like we need to hustle, struggle, and sacrifice — because others are also doing it and pressuring others to, as well.

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