Thanks for the reply. I assume that for Rhodiola, the 500mg is a standard extract, standardized for 3% rosavins, but I’ve read literature suggesting that salidrosides actually contribute quite a bit more of the beneficial effects for cognition, mood and the like. I found this to be true (anecdotally) with St. John’s Wort for mood in general. Compounds I took that were standardized for an amount of hypericin are common, but the few I found that were standardized for a hyperforin content were very effective.

I think my main concern is that so many supplements that have herbal content in them often don’t have a standardized amount of the effective chemical compound in them, or they have the less effective compound standardized.

I continue to see less than effective doses out there as well, like the L-Theanine 200mg, for instance. I’ve found 400 mg to be much better, and way better in a slow release format. However, I’ve found only 1(!) slow release L-Theanine on the market.

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