Thanks for both of your responses. How funny would it be if I said I didn’t respond to the first one because I was feeling lazy? ;)

To answer your question, my saying that there is no such thing as laziness is more like saying this: I see a lot of people using labels for others — “lazy” being the primary one — which equate to simply blaming others fully for things not being done or done quickly or correctly.

If someone asks me hey, why didn’t Lannie complete that work?”. I could say “oh she was too lazy to do it”. But then that takes any responsibility off of me to find out the real reason why you didn’t do the work. I’m suggesting that the real reason is that it just wasn’t a priority for Lannie. That’s a real explanation: you had other things that you saw as more pressing, which you did, but you didn’t do the thing I wanted you to do. By calling you lazy, I shrug off any responsibility I had, and set both of us up to repeat the same mistake again in the future. To me, it seems counterproductive.

I have a lot more to say, but that’s the nut of it.

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