Thank you for voicing criticism of my piece. I’m always happy to see someone challenging authors in the comments on Medium. I find that to be quite useful.

However, I would welcome you to elaborate on your assessment of my piece. I did not attack either of the two authors. I did not say harmful things about them or belittle them in any way. Rather, I revealed how they are saying things that are disrespectful of a lot of people — calling them mediocre, for instance.

I also don’t understand your comment about me not helping people think openly about stuff. I wrote a few paragraphs about how life is about more than what these two authors seem to be saying. Several comments have revealed that my commentary helped them to think a bit better about where they are at, rather than leaving them feel like they aren’t doing well enough.

Again, I welcome criticism of my work — since I’m criticizing others — but I’m not sure what to take away from your criticism. Perhaps as the author being criticized, I’m biased. So, I welcome elaboration of your point from other objective readers.

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