It’s good to see life’s important questions being investigated here on Medium.

I always liked Raphael the most, but as I grew older, I stopped appreciating the mopey sarcastic attitude that my younger self embraced. I take your note about Leonardo, who I never cared for anyway. It made me realize that Donatello was the leader the whole time, even though nobody — including him — knew it.

That being said, I identify as a Donatello. I’m not really sarcastic enough to be Raphael, and my worldview is too positive. I’m nowhere chill enough to be Michelangelo, and I just flat out never understood Leo’s game.

That leaves me with the purple one. I like to fiddle with stuff, break things in the process, and try to get everyone to get along. I’m Donnie. God help me, I’m Donnie!!! *sobs into open hands*.

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