Isabelle, a few things I’m not sure about here:

  1. “Any process will work”? That’s a bold claim, and there’s no way it can be true — unless you just speculate that even though Process A worked, Process B would have worked just as well because this time, they were ready. It’s pretty naive to think that the process has very little to do with it.
  2. God is a surrogate parent to some — addiction or no. But for others “God” is a concept like “The Tao” or “the Universe”. It’s not looking out for you, but is a force that you don’t control.
  3. The claim that the “the power is within” and what you suggest in that vein about finding others who are like what you want to be — it’s not hard at all. People are doing it constantly. I’ve done it. The problem then is that you can very easily end up being way too critical on yourself, and it’s actually counterproductive.

    After all, if you have the power within you to succeed, but you keep not succeeding — the conclusion is very easily drawn that you’re just shitty at whatever you’re doing. But that can’t be it. It’s not all you. That’s just outright solipsistic! There’s a whole world of people out there doing their own things. To think that all of those things, along with forces of nature, can all be bested by the power within — it just seems narcissistic.

    Perhaps I’m misunderstanding your conception, and attacking a straw man. If that’s the case, I apologize.

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