I’ll second that. Problem is, nobody wants to pay for writing anymore.

“Hey, would you like the opportunity to write a blog post for us? You’ll get the exposure to thousands of readers!”

“So what does it pay?”

“Again, you’ll get the exposure to thousands of readers who kind of glance over the 10,000 listicles we publish each day! You’ll probably gain at least two Twitter followers!”

“So, I get no money for writing for you?”

“You get something better than money. You get value! Imagine the value of having some of the most passionate (but by no means profitable) entrepreneurs and thought leaders skim over your piece and possibly retweet it to thousands of people who will never see it due to the thousands of people they follow that are retweeting other articles literally every 5 minutes!”

At least, that’s the conversation that I imagine playing out.

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