I understand your aversion to my use of the word “feel”, but if we are going to talk in neutral language about people’s voting rationale — out of respect for both sides — we can’t claim that one side is rational while the other is not. Both sides “feel this and that” — they both have opinions. And in this election, those opinions are strongly held.

I used “feel” as a synonym for “think” or “has the belief that” — pick your way of articulating whatever the word is for a belief where we are unsure of who is correct.

The only thing I’ll say about the rest of your comment is this: I can’t think of a way to argue that Donald Trump is less corrupt than Hillary Clinton. The only ones that I’ve seen so far only work because Donald Trump is not in government, and where “corruption” is only defined as a person in a governmental position who allows money to sway their decisions. But business-people can be and are corrupt.

Your claims about rule of law and SCOTUS are hefty, and would require long discussion to really unpack, but this “corrupt” idea — there’s no more corrupt candidate in this election. Trump is as corrupt as they come. He just hasn’t had a chance to be corrupt in public office yet.

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