I think we’re talking past each other on these points. I’ll address them in order.

  1. I guess you can avoid labels if that suits you. To me, it’s a non-issue.
  2. Re: the sexism in stock photos thing, I can see how there may be comedic effect there.
  3. This is our main point of contention. I said more in my reply to your other comment, but I’ll make it short and sweet here. I’m not sure that any feminists in the 1st world (save a few stragglers) are saying that women elsewhere should not be housewives or wear hijabs. I think the feminist position is that any woman should have the opportunity to be whatever she wants to be. However, there are currently societies that make it difficult for women to make that choice — especially in developing countries. If a woman wants to refuse the opportunity to go to college, become a homemaker, and wear a burka, I believe any feminist would support that decision — so long as it is her decision, and not one that is forced upon her by her society. To me, that is the issue. I respect each and every cultural difference between U.S. culture and Iranian culture, but what I do not support is laws and a social structure that denies women the opportunity to make for themselves whatever life they choose.

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