I think perhaps a simpler position would be best.

There are literally laws on the books in a large swath of the developing world that literally treat women as property and/or systematize their unequal treatment.

The way I see it, until that changes, I see no reason to be anything other than a feminist. Does that mean I have prescriptions for how every woman should live her day to day life? No. What it does mean is that so far as I’m concerned, it’s not what each individual woman does or doesn’t do, it’s what the social structure allows any given woman to do. So long as social structure keeps women from even being able to do simple things like drive, vote, and walk around unaccompanied, that is a problem. Whether some women feel comfortable doing so is simply not the issue. The issue is: are they allowed to do those things, should they choose to do it? The answer — currently — is a clear no.

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