I recently got back on the running train a few weeks ago after (*gasp*) moving out to a relatively rural area. My runs used to be in the city, in a part of town where shootings and carjackings would happen in the late night hours. So my adrenaline kick would also involve the prospect of stray bullets, hit-and-runs, and being knocked out for my iPhone or the imaginary fat wallet I was carrying.

We have access to an old forest bike and walking path about 2 blocks from our home. I have come to enjoy that over the past few weeks. It’s scary for different reasons than the city blocks I used to run. There are also more animals (though I saw a fox a few times in the city, which is odd).

All this is to say, it’s good to see a piece like this about an odd relationship with running. That’s been my experience. But this interval training you speak of…I might be into that.

If I do end up doing it, I’ll know who to thank…

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