I hear you. I think his behavior and speech has thus far been reprehensible. However, I would say this. He used to espouse fairly liberal views in previous years. During the election, he espoused very conservative ones. He then backed off of many of them as the election day approached.

I’m just not sure that he’ll follow through on any of the very right-leaning, xenophobic stuff that he was spouting off.

My only concern at this point is that he just doesn’t do his homework. But unfortunately, many presidents also did not get into the details — they just kept a braintrust around them to do it. Clearly, I think Trump will do the same.

One more thing I have been swishing around in my mind. I’m not sure that the things that Trump said were much different than previous more conservative presidents were thinking, but never said. If they weren’t, and Trump was just saying what many candidates and presidents before him believed — it’s not anything new, just more of the same.

I’m still thinking things over. It’s all new to me. But my primary value at this point is to welcome even the most vitriolic and loud people to a conversation. I have nothing to lose by doing so.

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