I have noticed something on the other side. But there’s no way to tell what the issue is. I’m publishing every other day still, but not getting nearly as many reads or recommendations. Not complaining, I just sense that something has shifted, because people who have been recommending all my stuff are no longer doing it, and I’m writing pretty much the same stuff.

Also, a recent piece of mine that was recommended by someone who has over 65K followers and a devoted audience — kind of just fell flat. To me, that’s unusual.

Again, I’m not complaining. I’ll just keep churning out stuff. But I’m concerned that those that chose to follow me because they like what I write may not bet seeing my stuff. And if they really like seeing my writing, it’s kind of a bum deal for them — like subscribing for a magazine, but then you only get every third issue.

Author of “The Wabi-Sabi Way” and “Be, Think, Do”. Subscribe to my newsletter “Woolgathering”: https://goo.gl/UhzUYL.

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