I found a little success by contacting bloggers who manage niche blogs about which the topic of one my articles related. That got me a cool 1.5K reads over a weekend. Many of those readers don’t use Medium so, I got little on Medium from it. However, I did get something for my personal blog and Twitter, by linking that information at the bottom of the piece. Just a little trick, but it worked…a little.

I haven’t found commenting on other stories to do much more than increase the reads and recommends of only that comment. They key is probably to get your stuff into a publication, which is kind of difficult, even when you’re a writer for that publication (whatever that means). Anyone can be and editor, I guess….

More than anything, be patient. Sustainable progress is almost always incremental.

We read a lot of articles (especially on Medium) about quick and exponential growth — whether personal, financial, or in readership. What we don’t read about is just how rare that is. Part of the reason everyone knows who Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and Mark Zuckerberg are is because they are clear exceptions to the normal way of things. So, as advice goes, be patient and keep working.

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