I agree that even day jobs should stoke a passion. My message was more that if you have a passion project and a day job, throwing all of your expectations for income on the shoulders of your passion could ruin that passion project. It can end up becoming contorted because of you need for money.

Perhaps my story won’t resonate with people who either have a decent financial safety net already, or have limited need for one (no family, no debt, etc.). I did kind of take that as an assumption in my piece.

Also, I take Dillard’s edict a little less literally. I think that with nearly any day job that pays decently (quite a caveat, no?), there are opportunities to stoke your passion. Of course, stoking need not be so strong that it causes an immediate and noticeable uproar in the flames of your passion. Passion can be stoked by small, infrequent things in a day job. Of course, I’m no pyrotechnic expert.

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