First off, you’re an awesome dude, SF Ali. But I have wondered a bit about your recommendations at times. You say you recommend “*everything* [you] came across, across the spectrum of diverse thought, especially stuff [you] might disagree with, including but not limited to ignorance penned by Deplorables and incoherent screeds left by Islamophobes as responses on [your] own stories.” If that is true, why do you do it that way?

For me, a green heart at least means “I read this and it’s interesting. It’s worth you checking out as well.” I tend to take that seriously.

I think that recommending ignorant stuff, stuff that’s clearly not the result of any effort or introspection, and other drivel can make your recommendations lose meaning.

The way I see it, I have a responsibility here on Medium to contribute to the algorithm by keeping my recommendations sincere, and consistent. Flooding that algorithm with a bunch of stuff that I may not actually think is good seems to be inconsistent with part of the stated goal of Medium.

But perhaps I’ve got it wrong. At this point, I’m more curious than anything.

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