I’m not sure that I agree with you here. You’re making a few big generalizations about human behavior that I don’t think are generally agreed upon by psychologist and/or sociologists.

Greed may be driven by a fear of not having enough, but it may be driven by a lust for material things, and goods. Such a lust might have nothing to do with fear.

My main point though, was about ambition. There are cases where people have made decisions based on ambition to achieve goals — specifically professional ones. In the process, they hurt others — be it family, friends, or colleagues. They later come to regret those actions. That’s more what I was talking about.

I also don’t think that being present, authentic, and self-aware is enough to keep you from doing things that you may regret. Someone can be completely vicious and hurtful, but still be authentic. All that authenticity requires is that your actions match your intentions, and that your intentions aren’t molded by a desire to fit some mold.

Overall, I think that there are too many assumptions you need to make in order to say that you will never regret decisions made, so long as they weren’t made from fear.

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