Brandon, thank you for the thoughtful response. My position kind of addresses what you are saying, but perhaps I did not spell it out quite as clearly as I would’ve liked.

I think a lot of people tend to think that faith is, as you say, fanaticism or zealous blind belief. I don’t think faith and hope for the same thing though, I think faith is stronger than hope. Hope is like a want or a desire, where is faith is a kind of assurance or confidence.

I also think that faith is a kind of believe. Although, having studied epistemology extensively, belief is really all that we as humans are talking about when we are talking about knowing. After all, knowledge is just a belief that is extensively supported by evidence.

I hope that all makes sense. But I think my main idea is to fold. Firstly I think that people confuse faith with something that is much more malignant than it really is. Secondly, faith is often at the root of many ventures into doing great things, and figuring out great truths.

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