Being a Medium partner is well worth it. I had no exposure on the internet prior to writing on Medium. I’m not a freelancer by trade, I don’t have a background in journalism or writing for a broad audience. I just love to think and write, and I follow wherever the ideas take me.

I’ve been a Medium partner since August(ish), and I have managed to make an average of $500/month from just the pieces I publish on my own (about triple that when I publish in Better Humans, where the audience is much larger). And I’m not publishing all that often.

My point is this: good writing can get money on Medium. I think the editorial team does a good job curating content. As to the worry of how long it can last, I have the same worry. That’s why I maintain my own newsletter, to keep people engaged with me, in case this thing goes down in a flaming blaze of glory.

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