Awesome piece! Thank you for it.

Straightedge/posicore was what attracted me to punk in the first place. I had initially dismissed punk altogether, because I was very political growing up — but hated nihilism. I thought that’s all punk was — nihilsim, sex, drugs, and fighting.

It wasn’t until my freshmen year of college that I ran into some really cool stratightedge punks, and fell in love with the genere. The movement — of course — had extremes to it at that time (2001 and onward). I was in DeKalb, IL where the afterglow of Charles Bronson still kept the punks warm. My taste was more on the 7 Seconds side of things. I still love their stuff.

I left behind the TTD philosophy, but I still respect the kids who adopt it, and the adults who kept it going. Without the aggression and judgmentalism, it’s a great system of principles.

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