“I’m not trying to be rude.”

And yet you have clearly spent time putting together sentences in a rude way. In fact, half of your comment is pretty snarky. It doesn’t bother me, but it reads as insincere. You could have easily said what you were trying to say in a different (less rude) way, but you chose not to. Own that; don’t pretend like it’s not there. Authenticity is something else that Kierkegaard raised our awareness about.

As far as your substantive critique, the point of posting this is to point out that Kierkegaard had something to say about three different ways of living. Many of us (myself included) are stuck in the second. For that reason, this is by no means condescending.

The advice here is that if you can find something to live for beyond the societal roles & norms that tend to push and pull at us, it can be very liberating. It’s worth thinking about.

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